How Was That Again?

We had an e-mail problem last night, and, you better have a seat, my web ticket wasn’t resolved by this morning. It turned out the problem was on my end: Norton Internet Security had done something unspeakable to itself, turning off my inbound mail port.

Following is a mercifully brief excerpt of this morning’s live web Chat with my mail host. We are trying really hard to communicate, for reasons I still don’t quite fathom, to resolve why I haven’t heard back from the web ticket. Hint: the problem I twice reported is that I couldn’t receive e-mail.

Alex Forbes: No, the web page did not return a tracking number.
host: After submitting a ticket it will send you a confirmation email that would have the number in it.
Alex Forbes: I can't receive email, host.
host: Did you receive a confirmation email saying we received your request?
Alex Forbes: No, can't receive email.

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