Mr. Popslider

Pool in Phoenix.

We’ve written posts on this site before about a peculiar kind of Arizona songbird. We call him the “Popslider” bird, for lack of a formal name; his song slides up and back down the scale like a 1950’s Spike Jones musical sound effects extravaganza. My name, “Pop slider”, comes from the brass whistles with the slider piston in a long tube.

“whooo-eeee! Wheeee-oo!” We heard these mocking tones all winter and spring, but never did see our elusive bird. He hides in the shadows of tree foliage. We recently stopped hearing these in our Arizona back yard. All such entertainment ended in June. Perhaps, Mr. Popslider is migratory.

Arizona Highways had a back-page article some time ago (which naturally I can’t locate) describing a similarly elusive bird with a “flute-like” song. It was a wood thrush, in the Flagstaff area. As far as being impossible to spot, that could be our guy. The song description only said the bird’s song was incredibly like a flute, and offered no further tonal elaboration.

So, we’ll look and listen for our Mr. Popslider next year. I had a candidate bird, who often seemed to be seen just before I heard the “pop slider” song, but I saw the candidate bird today also. False match. Alas, no slider song. It can’t be our guy.

Arising at a leisurely 8AM this Saturday morning, it was already 80 degrees here, with a light breeze. It has since climbed to 90 in the shade, and the thermometer will cap at around 103 this afternoon. A perfect day to go outside, dip in the pool, and sit in the shade.

When the Beach Boys released the album “Endless Summer”, they must have had Arizona in mind. 🙂

Too bad we have to fly back home to the Bay Area tomorrow, where it rained this week!

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