Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, all you Moms out there. Today is the day you act surprised they remembered. Today is the day they act surprised they remembered anything at all. Today is the day they watch that TV special while you cook dinner. After all, shouldn’t one meal of the day turn out right?

Junior announces he’s been out playing in his school clothes, and now has nothing to wear for school tomorrow. What’s one more load of laundry on this special day?

A fire truck rumbles down Lake Chabot Road, sirens screeching, and turns left on the Boulevard. Somewhere, you lucky girl, Dad is cooking your special breakfast.

Mrs. Crow is sitting in her treetop nest high above the Boulevard. It is raining. Rain, in May? We’ve been watching this nest for over a month. We’ve never seen either crow attend to their aerie nest in the rain before. Could it be, that we finally have our hatchlings? Mr. Crow is nowhere to be seen. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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