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Blast from the past – high end audio gear!

Have you ever been an ardent audio enthusiast? Are you now? Remember the old vacuum tube amplifiers? Remember Marantz? Remember the old Kloss table radio? There is a free catalog that lists all this, and much more. You can look, just for the fun of it, or actually buy this equipment.

DynaLab MD-90 Analog FM Tuner

We only listen to a couple of FM stations regularly – classical, and an oldies Big Band station. Unfortunately, both stations transmit out of a shoe box — reception right here in the SF Bay Area is pretty bad. We bought a half-wave indoor-outdoor FM whip antenna, and then a modest FM preamplifier, and this helps. We might get the Magnum/Dynalab MD-90 Analog FM tuner for Christmas (replacing the mostly adequate FM front end in our Denon). Only $995.

We’re gearing up for retirement: how can we justify this when we already have almost all the audio gear we want? As Audio Advisor points out, if you don’t have a really good FM section, you’re not likely to listen to it much.

If you miss the old tube amps: they don’t make the appropriate vacuum tubes in the USA any more, but they do in Russia. See the fine selection of tube amps and components, for only a few thousand scoots.

Need accessories – stands, shelves, headsets, modern speakers, cool table radios, incredibly high end CD/DVD players? They’re listed.

You won’t find this stuff in CostCo (though CostCo discounts some fine merchandise). You won’t find it in Circuit City, or, if you do, you won’t likely find informed salespeople to guide you through an intelligent selection process.

We used to spend hours in the 1970’s just hanging around an Oakland shop called Pro Audio — and ended up buying some pretty sophisticated equipment from a really knowledgeable sales staff. There are not many shops like this left. Yes, we know there are a few: we were really impressed with Universal Electronics, which retails out of the midwest and Phoenix. isn’t selling or promoting ANYTHING, so please don’t write us about “our products”. Just for fun, visit and be prepared for a blast from the past – really high end audio gear!

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