Early morning reveries: why has Iraq not announced the results of their election? Is it that bad?

Pundits would assume this means some new radical Sunni fundamentalist would take over the country, an Ayatollah. We all know these are bad guys who force their views on everybody else, no consent required.

What if it turns out they have elected Bush and Cheney, and they have to go serve the cause they launched? “All right boys, I’m in charge now, and looky here, I’m ordering you to be free. Go on now, go along – be free!”

And then?

Or, suppose Iraq swallowed its collective national pride, and settled for second best? The Kerry-Edwards team, once installed in Baghdad, would kick us out of Iraq. Imagine the screeches of protest when they discovered they didn’t get to go home too? While Iraqis were scrabbling to buy bread and petrol, Kerry would be trying to get us out of Vietnam.

Which would be worse: an Ayatollah grabs control of Iraqi oil, or the electorate awards the contract to Ken Lay?

Over morning coffee, this is a true dilemma. Iraq really needs leadership with more stability, a proven middle of the road track record, and a plan to bring peace and prosperity to all Iraq’s peoples. Have you looked at Libya’s Revolutionary Leader Col. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi lately? His recent track record is exemplary, without all the unpleasant political complications of a North American leader. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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