Messianic Boomers

“Boomers do not inherently dislike government: The idea of using the state to tell people what to do suits them just fine.” — William Strauss and Neil Howe, “Generations: The History of America’s Future 1584 to 2069.”

Regarding the “somewhat counter-intuitive” quote above, the book cites political correctness, anti-drug, anti-smoking and abstinence-only drives as examples of how most Boomers turned out when it was all said and done, those “freedom loving” rebels of the left and the right from the 1960’s.

I always wondered what happened. The disconnect between one’s rights, and the concordant obligation to respect and defend the rights of others, became total and absolute. “Generations”? I may buy the book.

This quote, and a fascinating analysis of the book was published in Insight Magaizine, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday February 6, 2005. The article was “President Bush and the messianic Boomer imperative”, by Vicki Haddock.

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