Sears/K-Mart Merger

Last week, I posted the comments below in the Off-Topic board of the popular Cloudy Nights astronomy forum. I reprint it here because it’s a timely topical reminder that corporate human resources management in this country is, by and large, still a feudal wasteland. And, of course, I might just have occasion to further comment on this sad era in the near future.

I was in Sears retail management for eight years, in the 70’s. At first, I really loved it. Then, it was unassailably #1. Sears brass feared K-Mart because K-Mart spent far less on payroll to satisfy its customers, so Corporate made a decision to get rid of its base of long-time experienced salespeople.

Veteran Sears shoppers stayed away in droves. They used to drop by to pay their last respects and tell me this was their last trip. I resigned in ’78. Impeccable timing. The good days were over for good.

I’ve been inside Sears stores only a handful of times over the years since. They always looked like ghost towns.

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