Happy Hallowe’en


Draw your own jack-o’lantern at: http://flashdepot.netfirms.com/129580_pumpkinSim%5b1%5d.swf. URL sent to us by our friend Ann, who is always on top of the latest rare and the odd-centric web attractions. This is my drawing, and surely you can do better!

Life at the center of the summitlake.com universe (home) is spread just a little thin for the time. After two weeks of vacation, including a week in Hawaii, we have yet to complete our Kauai 2004 slide show (which will appear in PHOTOS). We are working on a review of the wonderful shareware file synch program SuperFlexible File Synchronizer. The more we use it, the more we like it — and the longer it will take to write the final review draft.

And we have illness in the household, keeping me busy as caregiver — but happily this is not a new manifestation of cancer (which remains beatem back into remission so far as we or the doctors can tell), but just a mean old infection that’s responding to antibiotics.

As for Hallowe’en, we haven’t had any knocks on the door for two or three years, so, no candy will be stocked this year. We understand the malls and merchants have taken over this social function in a forum that’s so much safer for the kids. Yet, we do miss the days when it was safe to troll for goodies whether factory wrapped or hand made. We remember the caramel popcorn balls, home made cookies and candied apples — right up there with the Tootsie pops, Fleer bubble gum and Necco wafers!

Be well,


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