AZ Thunderstorm!

Looking out the window, I’d thought of taking a dip in the pool. Pretty windy! I went outside to look around. Light rain, then, ka-BOOM! Okay, no swim this evening. Light rain, just enough to tease the the landscape plants a little bit, but the patio’s still too hot to stay damp. Heat lighting: a parade of kettledrums dances invisibly across the sky. I step out to the pool to inspect what looks like a bird’s nest, blown into the pool. There’ll be lots of skimming tomorrow morning! Then, a blinding flash-CRASH, very close! I wait for the sound of the fire engines, but it never happens. Now, light rainwater trickles lightly down the downspouts. Open the windows and sliders: free air conditioning. This Arizona springtime T-storm may not be much; we’ve seen a lot worse here. But it’s enough to keep me indoors!

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