It’s The Little Things, 2011


  • The little 9.5 ounce glass-bottled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. Not a bad little designer dessert. The real item: they look like miniature milk bottles from the 1950’s. Do you realize how rare any kind of glass bottle has become?
  • Using sunlight and exhaust fan heat from the PC’s to warm rooms while cutting down on the winter utility bills.
  • House Republicans, for on January 6 reading the entire U.S. Constitution on the floor, except for unsavory parts previously amended, such as the three-fifths of a person slave census, fugitive slave laws, and exclusion of ordinary citizens from directly voting for their Senator. This selflessly noble grandstanding demonstrated once and for all a firm dedication to securing a just and rightful exclusive copyright monopoly on Liberty, while proving resolute commitment to lead, by example, the nuts and bolts exercise of real statesmanship and legislative productivity.


  • The e-mail etiquette of acquaintances who flood your in-box with jokes and “you’ll appreciate this” forwarded email attachments, but who never write;
  • The e-mail etiquette of acquaintances who send you an email, and then phone up for an hour, to tell you they just sent you an email;
  • The e-mail etiquette of acquaintances who receive a note or inquiry from you, read it, say “oh that’s nice, look, I have mail”, and then respond by flooding your in-box with jokes and “you’ll appreciate this” forwarded email attachments.
  • Classical radio stations that can’t decide which is the better and really timeless classical icon, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, or the theme song from Harry Potter.

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2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things, 2011

  1. I’ve read all your blogs from this one through the latest as of 8/24/11. You are clearly another mindless liberal who thinks its funny to take shots at anyone who doesn’t think with their feelings. For all conservatives everywhere I’m sorry, but someone has to use their minds.

  2. Well you’re entitled to your opinion, and entitled to be sorry, but I must take issue with you describing yourself as a “conservative.” You don’t get to be a conservative by calling yourself one. If your gay-baiter Santorum isn’t an example of a person who inflames popular misinformation and promotes unpatriotic unconstitutional discrimination with untrue emotional histrionics, and if that isn’t “thinking with their feelings”, I don’t know what is.

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