Tweets and Timolol

  • “Popslider”: for years I’ve written about the European Starlings who nest in the back yard in Phoenix.  Seems they’re back early this year, if I’m any judge of bird character. We always have the sounds of dove, flickers and the occasional crow. The Starling adds an air of festivity to warm Fall desert mornings. The Starling’s sliding-note whistles are just one sound out of an amazing starling repertoire of calls, mimicry and bird chatter – the original tweet.
  • Timolol (and other eye-drops): This tip is probably quite useless for anyone who does not have to dispense liquid meds into their eyes. A tiny 5 ml bottle of timolol maleate costs about $30. This is a little over a month’s supply (two drops per day). Formulated as a soothing, no-sting liquid gel by Falcon, Timolol coats the inner wall of its container, making it hard to get all of the contents out. Storing an almost empty bottle upside-down can get you up to an extra week’s supply (or more). This also works surprisingly well for thinner liquid drops, such as Azopt, Lumigan, Levobunolol and Dorzolamine. With this simple tip, you can safely reduce your meds bill by extending the useful life of such containers.

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