Getting The Salt Out

The issue:

Packaged grocery store foodstuffs are heavily over-salted to make them “taste good” and hide other flavoring and culinary deficiencies. If you are young, are not on a low-sodium diet by doctor’s order, and you enjoy canned soups or Top Ramen, for example, you are headed for medical issues. If you are already on a restricted sodium intake, you quickly find it’s almost impossible to shop for prepared foods that you like that also have low or even moderate sodium levels.

“On Tuesday, the prestigious Institute of Medicine said the food industry has made little progress in voluntarily reducing sodium. The advisers urged the FDA to set maximum sodium levels for different foods in a stepwise rollback, so that eventually average consumption would drop by about half a teaspoon.” — Yahoo news

The FDA:

“We believe we can achieve some substantial voluntary reductions,” Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “We are shaping a strategy, and that strategy involves working in partnership.” — Yahoo news

The McLaughlin Group:

“Long-running panel discussions on topical (mostly political) issues that sometimes play like a noisy family dinner in which everyone speaks at once, until moderator John McLaughlin brings all to order. It’s punditry that can get loud and a bit frenzied, b…” — PBS

The truth is that the McLaughlin Group behaves like a dysfunctional family that’s having a really bad day. There is, in plain fact, no moderation of this free-for-all verbal brouhaha. In the histrionics over table salt, conservative Pat Buchanan (well-known known to liberals as the racist, homophobic commentator and former journalist) came across as one of the sanest and most level-headed.

Some air-head from the Washington Post said that the FDA proposal is further proof of the Obama Administration’s drive to increase government intrusion into the private sector, as evidenced by the proposal’s tendency to deprive Americans of free choice.

What Part of “Moron” Don’t They Understand?

This whole issue IS about free choice. There is no proposal to regulate the manufacture, sale or distribution of table salt, as is done with liquor, explosives, or prescription drugs. Reducing the salt content of prepared foods as a class restores free choice to Americans, since it is easy to add salt,  but impossible to remove it.

The shouters and screamers are always free to reach for the salt shaker and shower their dinner plates and soup bowls with thousands of extra milligrams of salt (and I hope they do), but the rest of us should be free to regulate our salt intake – up, or down – as we choose.

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