Most of us grew up on Clint Eastwood movies. We rued the evolution of the original iconic roles over the decades, in ways we didn’t fully follow, and then he started producing movies like “Unforgiven” and “Gran Torino”. You could make a case that Eastwood grew up faster than some of his fans.

New Yorker reviewer David Denby has written a brilliant review of Eastwood: not just the movie career, but the evolution of the actor.

Now, returning to elements from “Josey Wales,” he began to notice and even to celebrate true outsiders, people who had much less power than his own characters did. Had he become, of all things, a liberal? Probably not, at least not in any overtly political sense. It’s more likely that, as he got older, he saw his own prized values embodied in people he had essentially ignored before.

Read more: Out of the West, Clint Eastwood’s shifting landscape. by David Denby.

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