Graffiti Spam hits Summitlake

We received notification today that someone posted a comment to one of the PHOTO Notes pages containing links for viagra and devices for the enlargement of the male member.

That means we have to turn off the coding that allows you and me to post comments. If you know me, just ask me to get privileges to post Notes material with links and other html.

Besides being a huge and uninvited invasion of personal space, this has nothing to do with “family friendly”: the ads are just distasteful and offensive, period.

Once aware of it, it’s a small matter for us to delete the entry and take other defensive measures.

It’s too bad it happens, though. Help us put people like this out of business by cleaning up their messes before they can get paid for making them. If you spot this kind of tampering on your favorite reputable websites, help us all out by reporting it to the webmaster right away.


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1 thought on “Graffiti Spam hits Summitlake

  1. I have turned comments on today Wednesday 5/19 for this one MT post — Alex

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