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Joyce Meyer Ministries video. Screen capture.

Joyce Meyer Ministries video. Screen capture.

Good ideas are where you find them.

Below I’ve transcribed segments of a TV video from Joyce Meyer Ministries. No, this sort of thing isn’t typically “my bag.” But I noticed that Joyce Meyer’s observations might be really helpful in a family situation that makes so many of us so uncomfortable.

I tuned in this lady preacher on the TV, entirely by accident. It was on Discovery, one of those channels that carries early morning religious programming before the regular scheduled daily programming.

I listened to most of the Joyce Meyer broadcast (and it takes a lot for me to stay tuned to such broadcasts for more than a second) because she is good.

This likeable lady follows the grand “motivational speaker” tradition of the celebrated “Zig Ziglar” and others in the Sales hall of fame. I don’t always agree with this genre’s tactics. I can admire many effective styles even when I don’t buy into the pitch. And here, the caliber goes far beyond “pitchman” — to state-of-the-art persuasive speech. That she happens to be a preacher makes no difference. While I don’t happen to personally agree with the notion that prayer is the solution to obtaining the happiness and prosperity we crave in life, that makes no difference here either.

So – a personal “first” – I downloaded the broadcast video (Quicktime Pro needed). I transcribed the parts of the presentation that interested me. Perhaps you will find it interesting too. Minutes:seconds times cited below on the quotes are as played on the Quicktime video.

06:42 So Let me say again, you can pray for your family members but you cannot change them.

07:16 No matter how much you want your loved ones to be saved, you cannot make somebody love God. Oh I wish that I could, I wish that I could just unzip people and stuff em full of God and zip them back up and set them loose …

07:42 … but you can’t make somebody love God. And you know what, when I finally realized that, it took a lot of pressure off me. I can’t make somebody love God. Every person has to make their own personal choice.

07:55 And here again I really believe, yes, we’re called to preach to people, and yes, we’re called to share our faith to people, but I think sometimes to be honest we preach too much and we’re not as good of an example as we should be.
I think we just sometimes need to be a better example.

10:33 [Is] God just going around letting all your circumstances rule? … Can I tell you something? Look at me. You don’t have enough time on this Earth to waste it being miserable. Hello? I said we don’t have enough time on this Earth to waste it being miserable.

11:14 No, seriously, you know what? The longer you live the more you realize you don’t have time to waste. I’m not gonna waste any more days being mad. You offend me, I’m prayin’ for you. You hurt my feelings, I’m prayin’ for you. I’m not gonna live miserable any more. … You need to stop worrying about things you can’t do anything about.

At the time of this post, the TV video is listed on the Joyce Meyer Ministries webpage. Look for “10/29/2009 The Power of Simple Prayer”. Archives go back at least a month. Scroll back until you find it. Disclaimers: I’m not religious. As Meyer herself says, you can’t change that. It follows that this is not a forum for debating religious views, but there’s no legitimate reason to disrespect others’ beliefs. If you like, please feel free to use the “Leave a Reply” form on this post to reply with your own impressions of the video or selected transcripts..

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  1. Thank you Mama Joyce for obeying God ad bringing His Word to more than two-thirds of the world. Blessings and favour follow you all the days of your life

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