Phoenix in October

About 67 degrees at 9AM. With the windows open all night, the house cooled down to 63 overnight.

Ahh, Phoenix in October! May and October are the two perfect months. You open the windows at night, and the AC won’t kick on until the following midafternoon. We’re getting daytime temps in the low 80’s, a light breeze, and – despite a slight chance of rain early in the week (a nonevent) – clear blue skies and clear nights.

The eye doc cleared me for air travel about a week ago. The eye surgery seems to have turned out fine. I’ve been in Phoenix a few days now. After an 8 week absence, plenty of routine maintenance chores awaited, but no showstoppers. It’s nice to be here. I have one more repair to do on the drip watering system, and putter in the yard, and the rest of the day’s mine.

I fly back north tomorrow. The clock starts ticking again on the big move to Phoenix when the eye doc says “we’re done”, expected in a few weeks now.

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