Eye Surgery

The best fringe benefit of rest, recuperation and all those  “doctor’s orders” sorts of things is that we can embrace them as an opportunity to really relax and just take care of ourselves. I had eye surgery a week and a half ago. Everything’s going fine. I’m getting used to this rest period quite easily, maybe even enjoying it too much!

B;acl eye a couple of days after surgery. The nurses joked I must have had a fight with the doctor.
“Black eye” a couple of days after surgery. The nurses joked I must have had a fight with the doctor.

I certainly took that attitude. I’m “grounded” for 8 weeks – no air flights – and tethered to a strict regimen of eye drops and ointments while my eye heals.

There are 3 different kinds of eye drops, up to 8 times a day at first, and I made a spreadsheet checklist with checkboxes to help track all the dosages. The doctor also said “no smoking”, so I have put my pipes aside for the duration at least.

Not only do I get to sleep as long as I want, I have a greatly increased appetite and eat practically anything I want.  I have been down this road before (with cigarettes) so have stocked up with foods and fruits  that are healthy to keep that appetite tamed yet away from “heart attack on a bun” fast foods and pizza.

I was not sure how much I would want to read or work on the computer during the recuperation period, but daytime TV is even worse than it was years ago, if that is possible – choices seem to be a re-run of the re-runs of Ice Road Truckers, or a Bear Grylls “Man vs. Wild” re-run if you are lucky enough to catch one. I don’t think you could pay me enough to volunteer to eat spiders, drink urine and curl up for the night inside camel carcasses. I am quite happy with the kind of survival challenges one finds in the typical modern living room, thank you.

On early morning PBS, you might catch more intelligence and useful information with “Curious George” than you’ll catch in all the History Channel re-runs of “Area 51” alien invasion testimonials.

So I ended up reading a lot after all. I picked up the ancient Herodotus’ Histories again, starting with the famous Battle of Marathon in which the Greeks trounced the Persians, the first time. I then got caught up in the second and more involved Battle of Thermopylae and took a huge number of notes. I hope to have an article and analysis of this famous pivotal battle posted to the Writing department, in a few days or less.

Almost time for the 2PM eyedrops. Hmm, should I munch on an apple or banana? Should I nap a little? Hell, it wouldn’t kill me to turn on the TV for a little while … this is the kind of R&R I could get used to.

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