Castrol Ad

“Think With Your Dipstick”?

Another ad we can do without is the Castrol commercial featuring the Scotsman with the red beard, red tam, fake accent and the meanest engine oil dipstick this side of Glasgow. I think you already know the commercial. Airtime is so over-saturated it would be hard to sit through an evening of TV without watching this moron at least six times. He attacks others with this dipstick in a way that would get him arrested in real life, if not actually carted off to a looney bin.

As a fitting end to this make-believe commercial, I would like to see one of his victims take a Louisville Slugger to the backside of this  head, splattering brains and teeth all over the Castrol  display fixtures. It’s only in the spirit of fairness, y’know, since it’s all just as phoney as the commercial.

Finally, is there someone in upper Castrol management that actually believes this ad is helping sell their brand of motor oil?

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