Ads We Can Do Without

Wearily, I takes up arms once more against obnoxious ads that grate the nerves and offend our sensibilities. This could be a longer compendium, but it is all I can stand. Here are some advertisement categories that ought to be taken out and shot:

  • Any ad containing expert testimonials from an animated cartoon character (“Mr. Opportunity”)
  • Any fly-by-night legal service ad that preys on tax and mortgage debt insecurity with exaggerated claims and anonymous testmonials (Binder & Binder, TaxMaster)
  • US Fidelis, the scam artists who used to flood the nations’ telephones with recorded messages “This may be your last chance …”. But it wasn’t; now it’s Rusty and his racing team. They want you to insure your old clunker for auto repairs. Don’t do it. Google these folks instead.

If we’re half as stupid as the ad executives seem to think we are, we’re all in deep doo-doo.

I always hit the “mute” button on the US Fidelis ad. The mere mention of them overloaded my circuits. I can’t think of any more items for the list right now.

One more thought: as contemptible as the ad execs are, it’s not helpful to complain about the smell when one has just stepped into a fresh cow pie. What I want to know is, how do the broadcasting execs live with themselves? How can stations take pride in 45 minutes of carefully crafted broadcast time when it must share that time with 15 recorded minutes  of the trots?

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