Moon Walk 1969

For some reason the Mars Rovers seem to have resurrected those horrible old conspiracy theories that the moon walks were a hoax. The evidence of our senses and rational minds that it did happen is massively overwhelming, and there is still not so much as one fact to refute that, so I am not going to dignify voodoo anti-science. To me the popularity of such theories is fair warning of the thin line between the present time and the collapse of civilization.

I did post the following recollection and photo of that wonderful era on a Cloudy Nights astronomy forum:

As a kid in the mid-1950’s there wasn’t much to read about space travel. There wasn’t any yet. I remember the excitement in popularized books by Werner von Braun and Willy Ley. The forecasts were for manned space flight by the next century (this one). Illustrations featured rockets that looked like V-2’s. We knew no other shape. The illustrations would show the rockets with Cessna-style entry doors and spiral staircases. I remember realizing there was a good chance it might not happen during my lifetime.

We watched it happen on a black and white TV in 1969. The Mars Rovers are great but this was the greatest.

1969 Moon Walk on black and white TV

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