Signs of the Times

I went to our local upscale market, and found they were out of Swiss Cheese. As I told the checkout clerk (“Hi, did you find everything you needed?“), that’s like being out of milk. He said that was odd, customers had reported that last week too, and he thought the store might be having some difficulties with the bad economy and all.

Of course.

The first rule of retail display is to keep the shelves full, or, if you’re out of stock, to pull the remaining stock forward so the shelves still appear full. They had done that with the cheese section. Next on my list was “Wheat” style saltine crackers, a favorite of mine. They had pulled them all forward too,  and had rearranged a surplus of “Regular” to fill in the holes.

I dug out the very last box of “Wheat” from the rear of the display, and put it in my basket. I didn’t rub it in by telling the checkout clerk about that too.

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