Curious George

Curious George

Curious George

I’ve remarked before that I often turn on the TV over morning coffee. Nothing demanding – too early in the morning for all that. History Channel often has something interesting.

This being the week before Easter, History Channel is running what amounts to Apocalypse Week. This morning it was catastrophic meteor strikes – extinction events. Overdone as it is, History Channel was trying to link this to biblical prophecies.

Discovery Channel was worse. Some new age lady preacher was yammering on about reaching out and embracing HIM in your life. I would love to know the story behind that slot.

There’s always PBS. Unfortunately for the senior set, the morning hours are pretty much dedicated to the kiddies. Curious George was on.

Curious George came along some time after I was raised. My friends bought Curious George books for their kids in the 70’s. Curious George always offers little learning lessions for the preschool set, but basically, it’s a kids’ cartoon.  It is about as innocuous and undemanding as you can get. I don’t watch it often, or for long. It’s great for doing my eye-drops, eyes closed for three minutes, with only the sound. Honest.

And Curious George was a re-run.

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