We LIKE the new MovableType technology. We find (after all) that it might lend itself nicely to some of our Department indexes. In the past, department indexes like Commentary and Computers contained two methods of locating content: (a) the autolist menu in the left hand frame panel, and (b) long scrolling lists of notes and short article descriptions, in the right main panel.

You can still access every article and page in the Department with Autolist on the left, (a).

(b) is what we’re changing. We’ll sacrifice some graphics. In exchange, we’ll replace the long scrolling lists with the powerful indexing and archiving features of MovableType. As an experiment, we’ve started with COMPUTERS, which had the longest and oldest index of article short descriptions.

(please see continuation)

Since Department indexes consist of a menu frame and a main frame, we can put the old index in the main frame, or the new one, but not both.

We are tuning up the new Computers index now. If we have any technical problems, please stand by. No adjustment of your set is necessary.

You can see the new index in the regular Computers spot.

To compare, you can see the old index (as a standalone page) here.

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