Letters: Alex and the Creator

I myself do not actually believe in some sort of universal mind.

As I may have written before, if there is some Creator, however abstract, he oversees a domain as great as all the billions of galaxies, i.e. trillions of stars, and as small as neutrinos and quarks, and has been so occupied for billions of years. I expect he would be far too preoccupied with choreographing the great pending merger of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, five billion years in the future, to worry about the further education of Alex – who was born (and will die) in an infinitesimally small blink of cosmological time, like one of those ghost particles that pop in and out of existence in a flash.

But if he had that infinite bandwidth to care for this one in 6.7 billion souls, I have always supposed he would fully expect me to land on my feet and figure things out for myself. If he asked anything of me at all, I should think that would be, add to Creation if you know what you are doing, but don’t muck up what has already been created.

Letter to a friend, January 14

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