Can’t You See I’m on the Phone?

  • Last Sunday, I was queued up at the TSA security portal at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. Ahead of me, a young lady tried to barge through the walk-thru metal detector, cell phone cradled to her ear. Security stopped her. She gave him a really annoyed look. Without waiting to see the outcome, I made an end-run around her and passed through. She could still be there, for all I know.
  • In other news, we today received an apologetic email from our web host provider. It seems they had a brief loss of service at 2pm MDT, after a power failure, during which a backup generator failed to come on line automatically. As it happens, at that exact time (4PM PDT), WE had a 1.5 hour power failure in Castro Valley, California, while I was online, so I did not notice. I called Pacific Gas and Electric to get details, but their automated voice response system could not match up my phone number or utility account number to any known outage in the area. On a little battery-powered portable radio, I tuned in KCBS, which serves most of Northern California, to discover there had been a power outage that blocked traffic on Castro Valley Boulevard. Perhaps PG&E knew, but their telephone didn’t. Or, perhaps they get their outage reports from KCBS like everybody else.

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