The Big Questions

Everybody is talking about war these days. It is like re-living the 1960’s — and everyone is talking about THAT. World War II flashbacks are now part of our evening viewing of the TV show JAG. Death and dying are again in the forefront of the American consciousness.

Below are some observations about this from some notes to a friend.

I suspect that no generation is really trained to make choices in life’s big events realistically. We buy into them on trust and tradition, and sadly it so often seems to end up that trust in the system and its “authorities” was not justified.

And this trust has more or less always been deliberately and cynically exploited and misused, among other things, to provide hands and feet to propel the war engines from antiquity to the present time. In some places, questioning the authority to do this could get you executed. In others, you were in fact challenging not only the leaders, but the faith-based convictions of the followers. Questioning a man’s ideas can raise strong differences of opinion, but questioning a man’s belief system is sure to inflame passions and incite name-calling and worse.

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