Iron Man – mini review

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Remember Marvel Comics? It seems action comic books have kept pace with technology in the last 50 years, the rational-yet-crazy plots have never grown up, and … Iron Man, a truly fortunate marriage of the imagination of Marvel with the staggering computer-generated imaging and resources of Paramount Pictures is now cooler than ever.

First of all, the plot has to have bad guys, else what do we need the good guys for? The action seems to begin in Pashtun territory in the high mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Add some truly nasty terrorists with a thirst for blood and hi-tech weapons of mass destruction. Throw in the latest missiles, manufactured and sold in the United States of America by Stark Industries. Give genius inventor Tony Stark a taste of his own medicine: let him be captured by the bad guys, see first-hand what his company is doing to women and children in the region, and let him figure out a high-tech solution for both escape and eventual neutralization of the bad guys.

Robert Downey Jr. does a wonderfully believable and likeable casting as Stark.  We don’t get to the movies that often, but our introduction to Gwyneth Paltrow as the Girl Friday was delightful. Supporting cast and other assorted good guys and bad guys were masterful.

You can click the Iron Man link to see a trailer and particulars about the film, released May 2. People who don’t ordinarily like action films might well like this one: when you want a good action film, team up with the folks who invented the action genre more than half a century ago.

 By the way, web searches on this topic suggest there will be a sequel. Well, Tony Stark stopped the terrorists, but (true to action comic form) he didn’t finish them off. Nor did he actually destroy the Iron Man prototype Stark used for his escape, and it was patiently reassembled by the bad guys …


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