Week in Review

  • Naizulam Vazerbeium, please call back and leave a message. We know it was you because our answering machine annunciator said so. Or was it Vaiuleranium Luzainnermon? Your call is important to us.
  • US Rep. Tom Lantos’ passing was memorialized this week. A WWII resistance fighter who emigrated to the US in 1947, Lantos worked tirelessly as a champion of human rights. Much to the chagrin of conservative detractors, he saw gays and lesbians as humans who also have rights. His voting record won a perfect 0% from the hatemongering front group Family Research Council  — good enough for us.
  • American Airlines grounded their entire fleet of aging MD-80’s, joining the ranks of other major US airlines in the limelight for flying aircraft that might be shunned by self-respecting Third World nations. No, it wasn’t the jackscrew problem this time, it was wiring harnesses. Meanwhile, a Texas consortium is negotiating to purchase the entire fleet of MD-80 fuselages for conversion to industrial rotisserie cookers.
  • US Airways wasn’t one of those airlines. They had their own publicity problems with a pilot whose loaded handgun discharged in the cockpit of a flight on final approach to landing.
  • This could actually be seen as good news for US Air, as it will help the public forget the incident with recently merged America West where one of their pilots was busted for flying while intoxicated.
  • Tata Motors bought Jaguar and Land Rover from ailing Ford Motor Company for a song, at 1/3 the purchase price of what Ford paid to acquire the prestige British manufacturers some years back. You might think this is funny unless you know that Tata is one of the fastest rising industrial stars in India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is, then, no truth to the rumor the vehicles will be converted to scooters or pedal cars, nor will they be rebranded as Jagutata and Land Rotata.

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