CostCo Fixes a Flat

Back in September 2006, we posted a note called Boy Mechanic Changes A Flat, and CostCo’s excellent service when we replaced the tires all around.

This week we found the left front radial had gone almost flat, and so put some air in the tire and made our way to the local CostCo tire center to see what they would do for us.

I couldn’t find my receipt for the tires, but CostCo found the original transaction on their computer in about five seconds. My car’s turn for service came just as I had finished shopping inside. The mechanic pulled a nail out of the center of the tread and had it plugged and patched, with me on my way home, in less than half an hour more. No charge.

This kind of no-hassle service buys a lot of loyalty in my book. Think about CostCo next time you shop for tires.

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