Rain in Phoenix Nov 30 – Dec 1

L1000042.jpg Rain in Phoenix... Click image for larger file.

It finally rained in Phoenix last weekend …

I snapped this Saturday morning (12-1) at the tail end of three inches of evening and overnight rainfall. There were no floods or gulleywashers, but everything got properly soaked. They say it last rained down there on May 18. But it’s been a long, dry spell. We had no monsoon rains in August at all. This was just the ticket.

You can see from the photo that it’s cool (60F), the deck is soaked from the recent rain, and there are still a few sprinkles falling in the pool. The patio is a mess from wind-blown debris I had not had a chance to sweep up. The overturned chair is not the wind. I up-ended it until I can break it up and stuff it in the trash, so no one will sit in it again.

It was 40F at 630AM Sunday morning; winter is definitely on the way, even in Phoenix.

Click image for larger file.

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