Vietnam Antiwar Rally

Antiwar Rally, 1960's

Times are tense. Friends are falling out again. This picture from the 1960’s evokes sad memories of angry times. I did serve in Vietnam, and I always thought we were defending the principle that people could speak out against unpopular causes. I still think so.

The picture was forwarded as part of a “humor” distribution list by a nice person who undoubtedly thought everyone would agree with the message. The caption was “This picture is worth more than a thousand words…”

Evidently it wasn’t, because the mailing went on in a very political way to attack Kerry’s integrity and sincerity. In an unattributed attack, the text accompanying the photo painted Kerry as a coward and Fonda as a “treason queen”. I’m not going to compound the error by posting it to the web. It doesn’t matter whether you were a Fonda fan or not. I wasn’t. This brand of rhetoric was itself cowardly and un-American then. And it is now.

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1 thought on “Vietnam Antiwar Rally

  1. FAKE: Concerning the “Kerry/Fonda” photo, word on the street is that it’s faked. You can do your own Google Search, but according to, it’s a faked composite of two photos taken at different places and times. “Contemporaneous news accounts do not list Jane Fonda as one of the speakers at the 1971 Register for Peace Rally.”

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