Phoenix Vacation Notes

Well, HERE we are, Saturday morning in Phoenix, the last Saturday of vacation. Mr. Popslider sings his European Starling songs outside. It is COLD in October here – most mornings, I have to put on a T-shirt! The thermometer reads 60, but will soon climb to 80 as Arizona’s fall Sun warms the air. This afternoon, it will briefly hit 90 until the sun goes low in the western sky, and then the earth will hang on to the heat until after dark. Then, desert temperatures will rapidly return to below 70.

This will be the first vacation that did not produce at least some photographs. Weather has been mild, skies blue but unspectacular, nothing to speak of is in bloom in the yard, and you can take just so many new perspectives of the swimming pool and the palms before running the very real danger of making it a cliche.

I only got half the chores done that I’d planned for this trip, but instead I got to tackle a number of unexpected surprises during this visit, mostly chronicled in Computers earlier this week. The living room music-server PC is repaired, and the termite people are actually coming to kill off the little subterranean buggers mid-day today. And I had all week to lay in supplies at the grocery store, visit some friends, and peck away at some of the things that need doing around the yard.

The swimming pool is running like a dream. Of course, no one heats the pool down here. The water’s already cold enough to make a dip in the pool a bracing short-term adventure. Tom, my pool guy, dropped by at 7AM on Friday. We had time to chat while he did pool maintenance. He has 46 pools on his route now, plus major jobs like pool drains and pump system replacements. At 80 bucks a month per pool, I am doing mental calculations that say he is working awfully hard to afford what, in the Phoenix cost of living area, would be a comfortable but not affluent living. As long as I am working full time in California, and only a part-time resident down here, Tom’s service is one thing I can count on.

But the cable internet connection is still problematic. As I write this on NotePad between trips to the coffeemaker, I have been pinging the outside world, and the connection has registered “No Response”. Finally, a connection materializes all by itself.

It’s an unsatisfactory solution, but, for now, it beats spending the rest of my brief time here on the phone with Cox Communications. It’s time for some other irate consumer to try to get them to look at their own internet servers. I’ll try to upload this to My NOTES now, and then get that other cup of coffee.

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