The Whore Moans and many more

In my May issue of Stereophile magazine, a reader wrote to tell us there is this great radio station in Seattle, and went on to tell us how you can listen to web streaming at, and how they are so knowledgeable they program their own music, and even take requests, and they have a playlist.

The juxtaposition of that traditionally red-flag phrase “great radio station”, with the fact that we weren’t given even a little hint what kind of music this station offers, of course goaded me to go to to find out for myself.

And of course I’m also not going to tell you whether my worst fears were confirmed or not. But I’ll give you a hint: you can hear “Spoon, Girl Talk, Aesop Rock, Viva Voce, The Blakes, The Cave Singers, The Intelligence, Grand Archives, The Whore Moans and many more”.

The writer wanted to make sure we know the station’s call sign was “Where The Music Matters”. Oh, all right, this call sign is a little longer than the four letter identifier the FCC issues to every other radio station in the United States, but it’ll do.

Yes, I sampled the live broadcast. Let me just say that I simply can’t tell you enough about it.

I think it was a slow day at the Stereophile editor’s desk, but I’ll tell you this too. The station is licensed to the University of Washington. And I have to admit, the music we listened to when I was in college was pretty awful too.

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