60,000 Mile BeautyRest

No, I don’t sleep in my car, but after this 60,000 mile service on my 1999 Toyota, I probably won’t be buying that $2,000 mattress this year.

I had it all researched and picked out, too. I looked at European SleepWorks, Sheraton Sweet Dreams, Serta and others. The best sleep I ever had was in a “pillow-top” style hotel mattress in Las Vegas. I wanted one like that. I decided against Tempur-Pedic – “like sleeping on wet sand”, some reviews said – and the artsy-craftsy adjustable wooden slat foundation of the local European Sleepworks crossover product. I focused on Simmons BeautyRest pillowtops, and my next step was going to be the showroom.

Sometimes when you want to spend your tax refund all in one place, you need look no further than your own car.

I took the car in for a smog check and 60,000 mile checkup and front shocks this morning. Well, they’ll have it all day. I knew by the “klunk” sound the MacPherson front struts were going. Estimate: $900.00. And then there are the top mounting plates which wore out from the bad shock. Estimate: another $200. The 60,000 mile interval service comes with a LOT of work, including the tune-up that is so rare with newer cars nowadays; $499.95. Your car uses platinum spark plugs, $180 additional cost. Battery and hold-down – I’m not going to tell you. It’s almost time for the timing belt ($595-$695) but I declined it for now – I do need the car back today.

So much for the tax refund. Now, when I look at my car, believe me, I’ll again be able to say “Rest assured – it’s a Beauty.”

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