Sea Change

Here at, we’re just so pleased to announce a major reorganization and change of direction.

Here we reaffirm the credo: the American Way is a Horatio Alger story for anyone willing to work hard and stay faithful to the one righteous cause. Even in this age of unfounded skepticism, we affirm that a white guy who goes to Yale can still become President if he listens to his elders and manages to stay clean and sober.

We today are SO far beyond “Don’t Tread on Me”, “Live and Let Live”, and even “ain’t nobody’s business if you do.” We do believe in rugged individualism. We believe that every man is an island, or can marry into one. We believe our highest calling in life is to make that island one hell of a rich island, and wall off those brethren who obviously choose live on bread alone.

Look for the following exciting new upcoming articles on our site:


Right Idea At The (Far) Right Time: Reinstating Rummie
The Truth About Enron’s Great Idea
Global Warming Myths – “Tell It On The Mountain”
Annexing Iraq: Payoffs For Global Imperialism
Demonizing That Democrat Party: 10 Easy Rememberers
“Moderate” Republicans: Turncoats in Red Clothing
WalMartizing the Work Force: Bentonville Goes National
Astronomy vs. Bible Study: Don’t You Get It Yet?
Abortion: Father Knows Best, Even Behind Bars
Swift Boat Vets for Truth: Kerry Wasn’t Even In Sarajevo
The Press: How Long Do We Allow Them to Endanger Us All?
“Free” Speech: The Socioeconomic Costs of Verbal Anarchy
8 More Years: 21st Century Spin Management
Tithing – The Next Great Idea For Political Contributions?
Great Quotes: Sen. Joseph “Joe” McCarthy
Profiles: J. Edgar Hoover, The Golden Girls Years

“There must be something wrong with work, or else the rich would have taken it away from us by now.”
— attributed to Cantinflas. Happy April 1st!

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