DISCOVERY: “Future Weapons” with Richard “Mack” Machowicz – **

two stars

“Future Weapons”: Unless you’re totally anti-military and anti-weapon, the array of high-tech ships, subs, fighter planes, attack drones, mortars, cannons, smart bombs and frighteningly deadly small arms offer a lot for the military toy freak. I find the toys compellingly fascinating, but the story they tell of future warfare seems (to me) somewhat dehumanizing and demoralizing. I suppose that’s the way folks felt about the first machine guns, too – no chivalry in mowing down legions of bad guys.

Not my favorite show. I would like to believe I’m wrong here, but this seems to be one of the few shows that recycles re-reuns in with fresh material in the same segment. The show-stopper for me is Mack himself: ex-military, way too taken with himself and his presence as show host, Mack likes to affect one of those phoney deep-gruff junior high school voices about how cool the military toys are. Frankly, he comes across like a strutting kid who just spent a night in juvenile hall learning how to make a switchblade while hanging with the really tough guys. With these mind-boggling weapons, Mack’s emotive enthusiasm is certainly understandable, but he doesn’t make any effort to temper it. It gets in the way of the show, and it’s annoying.

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