DISCOVERY: “MythBusters” with the MythBusters staff *****

five stars

“MythBusters” stars Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and the great MythBusters staff.

“Never try this at home. NEVER!”

Ever wonder if you could jump up in the air at the last second in a free-falling elevator, and save your life? Are the safecracking and hi-tech burgling scenes in the Tom Cruise movies bogus? Did eye patches ever actually aid pirates? Can Mentos and Diet Coke explode? How many Christmas lights do you have to put on a Christmas tree for it to catch on fire? Can you really fake out a guard dog with a juicy beefsteak and steal the jewels out of the safe? Are these historical and urban legends really based on fact — or are they myths that will be totally, totally “Busted”?

I thoroughly and unequivocally enjoy this show and recommend it without reservation. The “myths” are for the most part legitimate parts of the lore of society, and contain some real science and hi-tech, which I like. Some “myths” are frivolous and just fun, and so get tested anyway, which I also like. The cast is knowledgeable, highly trained, unpretentious, informative and almost like family: Jamie, Adam, Kari, Grant, Tory, Scottie and Christine are fun, hardworking, real people of the sort you would actually like to get to know and talk to.

These guys and gals have years of real-world training in film stunts, mockups, explosives, firearms, scale modeling, ocean diving, computers and test instrumentation, wood and metal working, and lab techniques and documentation methodology. They bring lots of this expertise to each show. For anybody who likes toys, gadgets, hi-tech, whiz-bang or just plain fun and adventure, this is a show, and a cast, that has a lot of very original and amusing material to offer.

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