Name of this flower?

Swan and I are trying to find out the name of this flower. I think is it in the Lily family, ‘Crinum’, and very possibly one of the many-talented, ubiquitous amyrillis. (Click the image for a link to a related photo in Friends Gallery).

What is this flower?

Check this out:

Also, I think I have seen this in California (Rite Aid nursery) sold as amaryllis. A coworker bought one and it bloomed in February.

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4 thoughts on “Name of this flower?

  1. Looks like an amyrillis to me but I know little about flowers. We have a few here and they loo very much like this flower.

  2. Wow, thanks! Mila, a coworker, brought one of these into the office a few months back and she too confirms, yes, this pne is just like that one. It was an amaryllis.

  3. We finally decided this was definitely amaryllis, botanical name probably Hippeastum. Go to Friends Gallery to see the final posted image version.

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