Seeds of the Luckypod Tree

When we were in Hawaii, Bob and I used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at one of the many delightful little restaurants in Kapaa Village, Kauai, right across the road from our resort. And we almost always took the same garden pathway. Luxuriant tropical plants flourished on both sides of the path.

I remember now that there was one bush that was in spectacular bloom. I have no idea on earth what species it might have been, so let’s call it the Luckypod tree. And this tree had copious pods of fat seeds, arranged like a monster pine cone. Each “clove” was about the size of a huge corn-nut. I picked a few of them and hid them in my luggage. We thought it might be fun to try to plant them when we got home, as a memento of our visit to the Garden Isle.

That was three years ago, in what turned out to be our last visit. I remembered all this early this week, when I was rummaging through a bowl in the kitchen that functions like a junk drawer – odds and ends, that have no other home, go there.

The “Luckypod seeds” were all dried out, but I thought it would be fun to try to germinate them anyway. I soaked them in a pie plate of water for several days. The water began turning amber in color, so I decided to change the water and check the seeds. It appeared they were beginning to germinate!

While rinsing them I smelled a powerful but familiar smell in the water and on my hands — the unmistakable smell of garlic! I smelled the seeds. Dang it all, I had been trying to germinate some old dried up garlic cloves!

I suppose there is a moral to the story somewhere, but all I get out of it is that it’s high time to clean out the kitchen counter’s junk bowl. Then again, I got this wonderful memory of a very happy time in Kauai, for the price of a half cup of water and a few old dried up garlic cloves!

So they were lucky after all.

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