Getting Ready for Groundhog Day

Phil Frank, author of our local cartoon strip “Farley”, recently ran a strip that misleadingly implied Groundhog Day had already passed us by. Not so. As best as I can figure out from the official website at, the day to look out for is February 2d.

This is a good thing, because our mascot C.Bear didn’t see his shadow. As far as I know, C.Bear hasn’t even started looking for it yet.

This old photo to the left shows C.Bear looking for his shadow in bed in an earlier year. You can usually find shadows in beds under the covers and pillows, where the Bears spend a lot of time, so I have no doubt we had six extra weeks of winter that year.

That old groundhog Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his hole every February that I can remember. Or maybe they drag him out. My point is that anybody should be able to see shadows in a hole. Which one of them is yours? It could be anybody’s guess. C.Bear thinks the event might be rigged. You can always check with him to get the real deal.

Of course, you can still make travel arrangements to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Check with the information booth in the McDonald’s parking lot when you get there.

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