Refilling pool at night

It might take a minute for you to identify the photo here. It took me a minute for it to sink in, and I took the photo.

I snapped this at around 8PM in the Phoenix back yard. I’d had the pool drained, acid washed and power washed. The hose had been turned on about the time I was getting on the plane to fly down to Phoenix last Friday night, so I still have never seen the pool completely empty.

The empty pool at night is to me very alien and spooky, for no better reason than that I am so used to seeing the pool filled with water. I have seen vast reservoirs drained down to a small puddle, and it had much the same effect on the senses, for me, anyway.

Neither I nor our long-time pool man could remember when the pool had last been drained. I remember Bob mentioning that it had been drained once upon a time, though I never saw that. Over the years, the pool water becomes increasingly hard. Hard water doesn’t benefit from normal doses of chlorine and acid used to control algae. Phoenix tap water is already very hard to begin with. At some point, you can add all the chlorine and acid you want, and the pool will still turn green on you. This is what has been happening this summer.

So, in the Phoenix area at least, pool water should be completely drained and replaced every 3-5 years. The water bill should be impressive!

Below is a much less-spooky photo of the pool in daytime, with less than a foot to go. The last four feet take about 2/3 of total fill time, because the first 5 feet are just the “deep end”, after which you get to start filling the whole pool! I finally turned the spigot off at 11PM Saturday, roughly 30 hours after it was turned on. Who’d guess all that water comes out of a little garden hose?

Pool almost full

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