Regal Coffeemaker

Regal coffeemaker

I’ve wanted to do this post for some years now. Bob bought this Regal coffeemaker when he bought the house in Phoenix in 1989. I always hated it. Almost always, that is.

The Regal brand brings me back to my Sears part-time sales days in the late 1960’s. We sold tons of these around Christmas time, branded for Sears if I recall correctly. The back room of our Electrical Department was filled with defective returns of Regal coffeemakers, blenders, beaters and other kitchen applicances.

As the part-timer, I was the one elected to pack these things up for shipment back to Regal. To me, Regal was always spelled “cheap”.

And, at home up north in California, we were appliance snobs. At least, I was. We had Braun coffeemakers, and Krups. Here is where the story gets interesting. We went through a veritable slough of Krups and Braun coffeemakers; I would guess about five of the much vaunted “German” models between 1990 and 2000. They all died and went out in the trash. Currently, a CuisineArt in Castro Valley is on its second year.

The Regal pictured above makes great coffee. I am guessing it’s celebrating its 17th year of distinguished service. Who’s “reliable” now?

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