Baby Talk

Baby Blues 10-14-2006

Baby Blues is one of my favorite strips. The Saturday October 14 strip is reprinted here without permission, but you know you can get your own favorite strips every day at The caption, pruned to fit on this page, is “Patient Parenting Tips #697 – Give the Grammar Cop the night off once in a while.”

I’m on vacation in Phoenix. Since I could be out in the front yard repairing the drip irrigation system, I’m in here instead, but that’s what vacations are for.

The “new talk” is all, like, about “I’m like” and “she goes” and stuff, and everything. I believe the spiritual ancestry of this “new talk” is “Valley Girl” talk, from the California Central Valley of the 1980’s, best self-epitomized by its famous line “gag me with a spoon.”

It’s kind of cute for 5-year-olds. For everybody else, it’s baby talk. I notice a lot of 40-year-olders have adopted this linquistic speech impediment fad to try to recapture the radiantly ignorant bliss they once had. They can relax. They never lost it.

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