Mini Vacation

I took Thursday and Friday off as vacation days this week, and went to Phoenix to tend to the place, decompress, relax — and enjoy one of the finest times of year down here.

Daytime temps are high eighties to low nineties. Mornings start out at 80 or below. Morning skies are crystal clear, “Arizona Highways blue”, and carry a slight cooling breeze. Afternoons are breezy and partly cloudy, limiting temperatures.

Very early this morning it was 72 outside. I opened all the sliders and windows and went back to bed. By 8AM the house was below 80, giving the A/C a well deserved vacation.

Boy Mechanic got our sagging side gate fixed. It involved removing the gate at the hinges, sawing about an inch off the bottom, reinstalling with new screws, and battening down the slats with new galvanized nails. The person who is used to the old gate will expect a huge resistance to opening and will put some serious body english into a hefty yank. The hinges are now oiled and the gate opens with an ounce or so of pressure.

Boy Mechanic does yardwork and weed whacking too. The electric leaf blower does wonders for cleanup around the pool patio. Aging indoor-outdoor carpeting covers the back porch deck – something that came with the house. Didn’t that stuff go out of style in the 1970’s? No wonder. Trying to sweep indoor-outdoor carpeting is like trying to run a floor buffer over a steel grating.

The leaf blower blows all the dust and leaves away. The porch indoor-outdoor carpeting doesn’t look “nearly new” – one year I will tear all that tattered dreadfully stubborn old stuff off – but at least it’s presentable. The place looks lived in and cared for.

And I get to go to Fry’s Electronics shortly for a new 300GB hard drive for the Phoenix music server. The old 100GB drive is already full.

The last day of vacation is always a mixed bag. When in California, I don’t look forward to the air travel any more. Complimentary first class upgrades help, but mainly I just wish I was already at my destination. I relish the weekends when I can just stay home. But once here in Phoenix, I don’t want to go back. So I’ll just enjoy the day, and look forward to the next visit!

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