Boy Mechanic Woodworking Project

Desk HutchBoy Mechanic does woodworking, too. (Remember, that’s pronounced “Boy MECK-a-nick”).

A while back we picked up twin Sony flat panel 19″ monitors, finally giving us two monitors of the same size that output the same color values. They sit low to the desk, and we realized some kind of a desk hutch was needed to get them up to eye level.

A trip to Pete’s Ace Hardware solved the first part of the problem. I found a 4’x8″ veneer shelving unit that did the job. The Pete’s saleperson and I had a good laugh at my only idea on how to prop up the shelf. Bricks would scratch the desk. 4×4’s aren’t high enough for the stuff I want underneath the shelf. I said the only thing I’d thought of so far was coffee cups. Yes, we had a great laugh at that one, but that’s exactly what I used, until I could think of something better.

I found I had some scrap 2×4 ends of clear redwood, very nice wood, and enough long pieces for this project. However, I have no saw in the apartment, so that meant a second trip to Pete’s. Honestly, what Boy Mechanic project is ever properly finished with only one trip to the hardware store?

hutch support closeupI picked up a real miter saw, and a cheap plastic miter box for straight cuts. I grabbed a box of 100 number 12 2-1/2 wood screws (6 each would have done it, but I had to have the whole box). I bought a countersink for the screw heads, and treated myself to a new set of drill bits.

It’s a lot of work making the cuts, particularly since that plastic miter box binds a lot until you’ve used it for a few projects. But, an hour later, I had my cut pieces, and pilot holes marked with a cardboard template and drilled out. For assembly, a couple of those big wood screws, tightly screwed home, secures the two pieces for good.

So you see, two free scrap pieces of wood, frugally saved, and $65 worth of tools and hardware, made it possible for Boy Mechanic to assemble redwood shelving supports worth a couple of bucks each, at a minimum.

I’m confident that not even an earthquake will loosen or topple these shelf supports. A little bit of wood stain would make them look nicer. But, in an apartment, who has wood stain? Sounds like another project for Boy Mechanic!

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