Phoenix TS Weather

Heat lightning on the southwest horizon. “TS” is the acronym for thunderstorm activity. Well, it’s monsoon season down here.

I could see that just getting out of the taxi this evening. The front yard is luxuriantly green. Unfortunately, half of that’s crabgrass. I know, it’s weedwhacker and RoundUp time again.

It was 102 this afternoon and remarkably muggy. It’s cooled down to about 96. It was 96 inside, when I opened up the house, and the A/C has got us down to 89 now, halfway toward the habitable zone.

The pool turned green again, after the last recovery two weeks ago. The pool service guy obviously dumped a lot of shock in recently – our method of communication is me, looking into the trash barrel, to see whether filter traps have been emptied and how many bags of shock have been added. I backwashed to get the algae out of the pump filter sand, but it wasn’t bad. No obvious reason why the pool should turn green.

I do know he doesn’t get by as often as he should. Too many customers on his route – he’s too popular. But I also know the monsoon winds can dump an incredible load of debris into the pool, which shuts pools down quick. And, the palm trees are in full bloom. They drop a lot of debris. Normally, we have them trimmed each spring or early summer, but I didn’t find the guy’s number and decided to find out just how bad it can get if you don’t trim each year (about $800 for 5 palms). It gets plenty bad. Maybe we’ll post a photo tomorrow.

I suppose half the art of home ownership is finding out what you can let slide, and prioritizing the rest. It’s a pretty safe bet that, whatever Bob did every year in the old days, I need to make sure I do every year going forward. If he could hear me say that, he would just smile. No need to say “I told you so.” Now I know.

The airport scene at SFO was almost normal. Most people caught the news. They do enforce the absolute ban on liquids, even nonprescription eyedrops. I just packed light and left all that stuff at home (since I have it down here anyway).

Not a good week to travel with anything you don’t absolutely need. I left C.Bear and T.Bear at home. They understood. It’s no good having your stuffing torn out in a search for contraband.

As most of us already understand, terrorists will use sneakers, Bic lighters, toothpaste tubes, almost any common ordinary item to wreak havoc. Travelers mostly take it in stride. I’ve lost weight in the last year or two, but my new pants fit and won’t fall down. I don’t even travel with a belt anymore; it’s too much of a hassle for a 1.5 hour flight.

One lady exclaimed indignantly to a companion, “We’re rationing water, but they make us throw our water out. Why?”

Cell phones are allowed. I had no problem with mine, turned off and stashed in my backpack. I don’t know yet about the modern car key remote electronic fobs, so I left mine at home. TSA had the usual run of clowns who find they can’t make it through the scanner with a load of change, a cell phone, and car keys in their pocket. One guy had all these at once.

It’s been a long, rough two weeks at work. Chances are I’ll turn in early here, and sleep in. There’s always something to do here in Phoenix, but it’s always good to be here.

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