Last Day of Vacation

Space Shuttle 070406 PHOENIX – Tomorrow, I fly home to the San Francisco Bay Area. Climate-wise, the two regions could not be more different. I’ll welcome the cool air for a while.

Unlike the lucky Discovery astronauts on their successful July 4 launch, I’ll settle for an Airbus A319. With a free upgrade to first class confirmed, I may even enjoy more freedom of movement about the cabin than the astronauts.

When one writes web posts about the weather, we know that one of the goals of vacation has been accomplished. We sweep our mind clear of all that work-related stuff, to concentrate instead on the important day to day topics of relevance. Like the weather. It was hot yesterday, and cooler again today with the possible promise of evening thundershowers.

I did accomplish a lot around the house. Almost all the interior plumbing that needed repair or upgrade has been done, and the ball is now in my court. I scouted out a couple of 4″ bathroom vanity faucets. I was looking for a standard porcelain toilet with a 10″ rough, and had a horrible shopping experience at Home Depot. I got shunted off to some clown of a clerk who did not know what he was doing or how to lip-read the display signs. He wasn’t a bit interested in getting me someone who knew the plumbing stock. As his confusion level spiraled, I just walked. I found much of what I needed at Ace Hardware, and will probably shop the web at Sears for the rest. This clown probably cost Home Depot a few hundred in lost business; I didn’t even discuss the rest of the stuff on my list. They did lose a customer; no question about that part.

Time sure flies by quickly. A week is not really quite enough, but I like to space vacations throughout the year. Two weeks in a row is hard to justify unless you’re going to Hawaii. I don’t see that happening again for a while.

When I get back, I hope to scan some of my old 1963-64 Viet Nam black and white photo prints. I found Viet Nam to be mostly a very beautiful country when I was there, and I think some of those photos may recapture that, if I remember correctly. We’ll see.

Here in Phoenix, it’s only a few hours until it’s time to do the last minute chores, pack the day pack, and get ready for the air voyage home. It’s been nice. I can hardly wait to get back to Hoenix, and I haven’t even left yet.

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