Thundershowers and Rain

PHOENIX – Few thought it would actually happen, including me, but it did.

Last night at 1AM the thundershowers hit. I was awakened to the sound of thunder and a rushing noise that didn’t sound like the air conditioner. Rain on the roof in July!

I padded out to the living room sliding glass door and opened it, to a blast of cold air. It may not be quite monsoon season yet, but we had thunder, spectacular lightning, high winds and heavy rain. Thanks to the quick wetting of the desert soil, the winds did not bring dust. The pool looked as clean this morning as when I skimmed it yesterday.

However, the pool also picked up about an inch of rain. I had to backflush this morning. It was still raining and 72 degrees at 7AM, light showers drifting to the west valley, and this lasted for about an hour. It is still only about 75 degrees outside, at 10AM. This meant some light weeding I had intended to do for some time, since the wet soil makes it a lot easier to pull weeds up by their pesky roots.

And, as you can see in the photo, our rubber duck is in seventh heaven. Quack!

And now I am going back outside to smoke my pipe in the coolest Arizona weather we’ve seen in months. Yippee!

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