Kinky Boots goes to the Movies.

Oh no matey, you see, never has there been a more UNLIKELY title for the likes of me!

Nevertheless, my friend Todd convinced me that this flick had a straightforward plot (pardon the expression), a believable cast, and was, in a nutshell, a lot of FUN.

And I agree. I would see it again. This is not a “real” movie review: we just want to leave our impressions and high recommendation.

For those interested, “Kinky Boots” isn’t just a risque movie title; it’s an industry term for this genre of show footgear. Check the Wikipedia listing for details.

Apple has a listing in their web’s QuickTime tab:


Two outcast dreamers who finally figure out how to stand up for themselves… in thigh-high leather stilettos. Inspired by a surprising true story, a young Englishman who inherits his father’s failing shoe factory joins a feisty female impersonator who turns Charlie’s world, and the entire luckless factory, upside down.

Trailer (broadband recommended):

Since is the last place in the world you would ever turn for a movie review, nay, the last place in the Milky Way galaxy: we had never heard of any of the cast before. Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor put on a stunning and memorable performance as the black female impersonator who saves the Price Shoe Factory in Northhampton, England by turning it from a staid, dying men’s shoe factory into a world premier outlet for … Kinky Boots.

We can recommend it highly and without reservation. Rated PG-13 for language and theme, but even the naughty words are contextually correct and appropriate to the plot.

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