Last Day of Vacation

Early morning poolThe pool service man taps on the glass slider door at 715AM – the shades are not drawn shut, so he sees I am in town. We chat about pool service and the temperature — in another couple of hours it will be too hot for the service route. He services 50 pools now, too many. I hope he can keep the pace or afford to drop some of the others. This guy is good.

Yesterday I bought a new bottom-feeding pool vac, the Hayward Ultra Vac, and the pool man approves. The old unit never was the same after the pool turned green last winter. But, the pool is sparkling blue and crystal clear. It has never looked better than it looks now.

It’s still a balmy 78 in the shade at 8AM, but temps will climb progressively to another three-digit day. Our “popslider” starlings are out and about, tending their nests. A cat climbs the fence and contemplates jumping into the yard. I like cats too, but they can jolly well play their wild predator games in some other yard. I glare at the cat. It’s no fun trespassing when you’re being watched. He changes his mind and leaves.

This was quite a “work” vacation. The old water heater failed, and now I know why the 30A circuit breaker was popping mysteriously. So, I called out George Brasil Plumbing and had them put in a top of the line 50 gallon, with service contract and the whole nine yards. I like the cut of their jib. Very professional, without being pushy. Ity’s great to have a plumbing service you can trust.

I re-registered the Toyota this week, pulled off the CA plates, and put on the new AZ license plate. I worked on the yard, but there’s a long way to go. Lots of housework and winnowing through old stuff that should have been thrown out years ago. Again, there’s a long ways to go!

I rebuilt an old PC into a music server for the living room down here. This project was just as successful as the CA project, and it sounds awesome through the living room theater speakers. This system actually went together with leftover and spare parts and less than $200 of new parts. For once I came in under budget.

Heart-shaped prickly pearIt’s always an odd feeling on the last day of vacation. You look forward to “going home”, but … vacation should last forever, of course. When I retire, it will. For now, there’s the satisfaction of knowing I got a lot accomplished and still had plenty of relaxation time.

This place has a lot of good memories, going back 16 years now. I enjoy being here now, in the here and now. I’m grateful I can find real happiness in carrying on the dream. Yet you never lose the good times. The spirit of those days is alive now. I notice that even the prickly pear has grown a heart-shaped petal, to help us remember fondly. Surely that’s worth a photo.

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